Hobby Horse Overnight Stables


I-90 Exit 330

Welcome Overnighters! We are here for you and your horse.
Stallions: Own son of Hollywood Dun It (Tari I Dun
Own son of Rooster (San Diego Cielo)
Son of My   Skip   Vanzi (Skips Mr.
  Double Bred Dash for Cash
(CJ Calyx Bar Echo)

Hobby Horse Overnight Stables staff and friends have fun taking part in community activities. In July of 2008 they put together a float for the Corn Palace Stampede Parade.

large candy bag

Everyone gets to help on the float for the
Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo Parade. How did they  
get that big black horse put there?  

caroline candy

Oh, goody she brought a bucket of grain for me.
Just my luck they are filled with candy.

Table Properties

getting float ready

If he is gone long enough I can get to that bale and
get a little late morning snack.

skylar banner candy

  Now that is a candy bag. When your bag is almost
as big as you are that is a Commitment

working on float

caroline hands candy

horse on float

everyone helps

vanessa cindy misty

vanessa horse overhalls


do I look alright

horse overhauls

Seriously do I look fat in these pants?

goat eating candy


vanessa goat candy

vanessa goat


goat laying

goat blue hat

vanessa skylar

goat skylar

vaness goat

skylar goat watch

skylar watching

skylar giving candy



float parade

hh float

train route

on route

john and cindy

giving candy




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